Khristopher J. Brooks

Everything Worked Out Fine

I’m writing this short post because I have new Twitter followers and Tumblr followers who have expressed concern with my future in journalism.

Ever since my very public brouhaha with Gannett and the Wilmington News Journal, I have been bombarded with great job offers. I have been on many job interviews and spoken with many editors in person and over the phone. It took a little bit of weighing my options, but I am happy to say I have accepted one and have started my new job. In this post, however, I won’t be making another press release about my employment. I’m writing to simply say everything worked out fine. This new reporting position (for a daily newspaper) puts me in a beat that I love and in a state far away from Delaware.

I’m sure you would like to know where I’m employed now, but I’m sorry, you won’t be finding out from this post. I need to focus on my reporting and writing, not more infamy. Perhaps the best way to find out is to follow me on Twitter or Tumblr or, at the very least, set up a Google Alert for my byline: Khristopher J. Brooks

But finally, I want to thank everyone in the message boards and comments sections all over the web for supporting me through this and encouraging me to find a new job elsewhere. Even the people who thought what I did was “boneheaded,” thank you for keeping the conversation lively and raising the issue surrounding my dismissal. No more about my employment, now get ready to read my work.

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